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Global Competitive and Business Intelligence (CI/BI)
  GDSI ensures our stakeholders balance cost, performance, & schedule during RFP development, B&P response, and product/service delivery.

Global Competitive Intelligence (CI)
Translating emerging requirements into operational capabilities...
Translating emerging requirements into operational capabilities...
Understanding the Warfighter's Operational Enviroment...
Understanding the Warfighter's Operational Enviroment...
Forecast Global Market Trends
Forecast Global Market Trends

Bid & Proposal Support to Government & Industry

CONOPS Development

CI/BI Data Mining, Analysis, and Portfolio Development & Maintenance

Corporate Strategic Reviews

    ›› Ghosting & Positioning
    ›› Blackhat & Blue Team Reviews
    ›› Pink/Red/Gold Team Reviews

Requirements Mapping

Business Case Analysis (BCAs)

Forecasting IR&D investment strategies

Proposal Management & Support Services

Capture Planning & Execution

Business Case Analysis (BCAs)

Price-to-Win (PtW) and Should-Cost Analyses

Global Market Assessments

    ›› Current Programs
    ›› Emerging Programs
    ›› Government R&D
    ›› Industry R&D and Teaming

GDSI works with clients to develop, implement, and maintain the competitive edge required to execute a consistent, successful, approach to business capture.

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